Rx Center

  • Let's Talk about Rx

    Prescription drug costs make up 20 percent of every premium dollar, regardless of how you fill your prescriptions. This leads us to find ways to control these costs as best we can. Read our guide on some simple ways for patients to save.

  • National Performance Formulary
    • VEHI uses the National Performance Formulary(NPF).  Choose brand named drugs on the preferred drug list can be less costly for you and VEHI, click the link to find the list of preferred brand named drugs on the BCBSVT website.
    • Wellness Rx - Members on a Gold CDHP or Silver CDHP will have access to certain wellness prescriptions at no cost to you.
    • Generic Drug List-Members on the Platinum and Gold plan have access to two levels of generic medications.  Lower cost generic prescriptions will be $4 per 30 day supply, while higher cost generics will be $10.  Click the link to view the latest VEHI Generic Drug (tier one) list.  Any generic that is not listed will be the higher copay.
  • Pharmacy Cost-Sharing Assistance Programs
    If you or a family member are  in need of a high-cost prescription, and you have upfront exposure on the cost, click the heading to learn more about the cost-share assistance programs offered by the manufacturers. 
  • Cost Transparency
    Use this tool to compare prices of services and providers in Vermont.