Know Before You Go

  • Know Before You Go Overview
    Did you know that you have multiple options on how and where to receive services?  If you cannot access your PCP quickly or conveniently, the Emergency Department at the hospital is not your only option.  Learn more about Urgent Care and Telemedicine available to you at a fraction of the cost of the Emergency room.  
  • Urgent Care Benefit
    The cost of Urgent care can vary greatly depending upon where you seek care.  Click the heading to learn more about ways to reduce cost by visiting an Urgent Care facility, instead of the Emergency Department, when appropriate.
  • Telemedicine
    Telemedicine is an innovative and low-cost way to seek care when primary may not be available or convenient.  Telemedicine is available 24/7 which can help you avoid going out in the cold with a sick child or to speak to a doctor during the day when leaving work doesn’t feel possible. Click Here to learn more about the telemedicine option through Amwell. For more information on Mental Health Care support Click Here
  • Find a Doctor
    Accessing your care starts with your network of providers.  Our find a doctor tools help you find: Primary Care Physicians accepting new patients, a specialist in your area, a network provider where you are traveling, an urgent care facility – or a provider near your dependent living outside of Vermont.  
  • Blue Card Brochure for International Travel
    Do you have an upcoming trip outside of the United States?  Your EPO plan covers providers all over the globe.  Click the heading to find network providers where you are traveling, to be sure you are protected while traveling.  Urgent and Emergent services are covered by your health plan, but using a network provider will provide coverage without full upfront payment by you.
  • Integrated Health
    The Blue Cross VT integrated health approach gives you access to free support programs for wide variety of conditions including Acute and Chronic conditions as well as help for conditions such as Depression or Eating Disorders.  
  • Know Before You Go Checklist
    Going to the doctor can be overwhelming, be prepared for your next visit by using our “know what to ask” prep guide.
  • Preventive Care Guide
    According to the Affordable Care Act and the United States Preventive Services Task Force, there are certain services that are required to be covered at 100% by your health plan.  This document provides the actual procedure codes that are used by the providers to bill for the services.