We hope you will find the resources in this section helpful in planning for and living your retirement.

Internet Resources

Building a New Community

For some retirees, the loss of their school community can leave them feeling lonely and disconnected.  Here are a few tips to help you build communities outside of your school.


  • We encourage ALL members of the VSTRS who purchase the VEHI health plan to participate in the online program on the PATH website.  Part of your Retiree benefit is the opportunity for your spouse to create an account on the website and join you in tracking exercise, participating in the annual Adventure as well as taking advantage of the PATHpoints program.  You may also choose to join the VSTRS team on the PATH community as you track your exercise.  You can click on this link to log into your Retiree account or to create one after you leave your school. VEHI PATH website - for Retirees in the VSTRS
  • Most larger banks and financial institutions offer clubs for account holders who are 50 years of age or older.  These clubs offer opportunities for travel to other states as well as other gatherings.  If you are a person who enjoys groups of diverse people, this may be a resource for you.  Check in with your bank or financial institution to find out what they offer.
  • After teaching for many years, some people find they just want the peace and quiet of their home environment and don't want to become part of a larger group.  They may want to consider adopting a pet, volunteering on a limited basis or starting a new hobby like gardening.  You will be able to keep that connection to other living things without sacrificing your newfound peace.