Make The Most Of Your Benefits

Navigate your health care benefits and programs by perusing the helpful links below.

  • Preventive Care Guide
    All VEHI members have access to certain Preventive care services, at no cost to you, paid for by VEHI at 100%!  Preventive Care has been mandated under the Affordable Care Act , and the covered services are based on your age and gender.  Learn more about the free-to-you services available, by clicking the heading above.
  • Diagnostic Services
    Some services are not considered preventive, because they are diagnostic.  To learn more about what makes a service “diagnostic” click the heading.
  • Health Care Support Programs
    The BCBSVT integrated health approach gives you access to free support programs for wide variety of conditions including Acute and Chronic conditions as well as help for conditions such as Depression or Eating Disorders.  
  • Maternity
    Learn more about how maternity coverage is paid under the different plans, and what to expect to pay during and after the pregnancy.  
  • Preventive Care During Pregnancy
    Some maternity services are covered by VEHI at 100% under the preventive care benefit.  
  • Your Health Plan Documents
    Navigate to this page to access your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), your Benefit Description Document (BDD), the BDD Wrap Sample, Outline of Coverage Sample, or your Sample ID cards. 
  • Telemedicine
    Telemedicine is an innovative and low-cost way to seek care when primary may not be available or convenient.  Telemedicine is available 24/7 which can help you avoid going out in the cold with a sick child or to speak to a doctor during the day when leaving work doesn’t feel possible. Click the heading to learn more about the telemedicine option through Amwell.
  • Diabetic Benefit
    VEHI continues to offer diabetic medication and supplies, purchased at the pharmacy, at 100%.  In order to meet IRS requirements for the CDHPs, there is a difference in the coverage for equipment purchased at a durable medical equipment supplier.  
  • Glossary
    Click the heading to review our glossary of common health care terms.
  • BCBSVT Member Resource Center
    BCBSVT allows you to review your claims, benefits and demographics in one place for quick and easy self-service, available 24/7.  
  • Travel Rider
    VEHI has adopted Blue Cross and Blue Shield of  Vermont’s “Travel Rider” benefit for VEHI members in states that ban or restrict access to abortions or gender-affirming medical care
  • Vision Service Plan (VSP) Provider Network Information