Tools for You!

These pages provide valuable resources for VEHI subscribers who are approaching or at retirement age.  They offer basic tools to help you stay healthy and active as you plan for the future.  They also contain contact information for a broad range of resources that can help you live the life you want during retirement.  If you have suggestions or comments for the website, feel free to contact us.

Planning for the Future

The days roll by, and before you know it, you are teaching the children of former students. Do you have a new career or life change in mind?  Or have you started thinking about retiring and what that will mean?  There are a number of options in life, and you will want to explore them carefully before making a decision about your future.

Accessing pertinent, accurate and timely information about the Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System (VSTRS) and the Vermont Municipal Retirement System (VMERS) is critically important when you are planning for retirement.

We have compiled a list of links for school employees - teachers, administrators and Educational Support Professionals - to various information within each of the systems (VSTRS and VMERS) which you may access here or on the Resources page.

We strongly recommend you consult these sites and speak with the professional retirement specialists at the Treasurer's Office when you are preparing for retirement.