Non-licensed Employee

This page is for public school employees who are Non-Licensed Support Staff.  The HRA/HSA* funding and premiums are specific to that employee segment as defined in the terms of the Statewide Bargaining Agreement for public schools.

Plan Comparison for Non-Licensed Employees CY24

The plan comparison document shows a side-by-side comparison of the plans and the out-of-pocket exposure for Non-Licensed Support Staff taking into account the funding available with the HRA/HSA*.

Cost Comparison for Non-Licensed Employees FY25, rates effective 7/1/2024

The cost comparison document looks at the out-of-pocket exposure including the out-of-pocket maximums, the HRA/HSA* funding and the premium contributions.  You will need to enter your current contracted percentage of premium contributions as it can vary by district.  By entering the percentage the spreadsheet will update with new amounts.


*HRA - Health Reimbursement Arrangement

*HSA - Health Savings Account