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General IRS Reporting Resources

Obtaining SSNs for IRS Reporting 9-13-2018

Obtaining Electronic Consent 9-13-2018

BCBSVT - VEHI Group Enrollment Form 9-13-2018


Resources for ACA 2018 - IRS Reporting Forms 1094 and 1095


District Data Management Systems (DMS)

BCBSVT Employer Resource Center (ERC)

  • The BCBSVT ERC includes all individuals (employees, dependents, and COBRA participants) enrolled by month. 
  • This information can be used to assist in the completion of Section III, the individual mandate, when there is any question as to whether an individual was covered all 12 months of 2018.
  • Instructions on how to access these reports can be found below
  • If you need employee/dependent SSNs for your IRS reporting, don’t forget BCBSVT provided districts with a one-time enrollment spreadsheet for the 2018 transition that included SSNs.  You may have an updated version saved, but you can find the original (uploaded in September of 2017) in the BCBSVT Employer Resource Center.  Click below for directions.

Measurement Period Resources

Gallagher Benefits Services