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Video Series

BCBSVT, with guidance from VEHI, created three videos to help members understand the new plans available through VEHI.  Please take a few minutes to review the videos to gain a deeper understanding of all of the new terminology and how the plans work.

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Cost-Sharing Overview Video

The cost-sharing video is the first in a series of videos created to help members understand the different ways that services are paid for.  Learn the difference between deductible and coinsurance, co-payment and out of pocket maximums.  This is also a great video to learn the difference between stacked and aggregate.  Click the compass to watch the cost-sharing video.

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VEHI Platinum & Gold Plan Video

This video goes into more detail about how the Platinum and Gold (non-CDHP) plans work.  The video will review how the plans pay for services and will also go through specific claims scenarios.  Click the compass to view the video on the Platinum and Gold plans.

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VEHI Gold CDHP & Silver CDHP Plan Video

The Gold and Silver CDHPs are similar to each other, but with some distinct differences, such as stacked vs aggregate deductibles.  Click the compass to view the video on the CDHPs and view how the two plans differ when it comes to how claims are paid.