VEHI - Vermont Education Health Initiative

VEHI/Unum Long-Term Disability

FY 14 Flyer

program at a glance

Effective Date:
July 2, 2002

Eligible Groups:
Same as VEHI Health and Dental Programs.

Minimum Hourly Requirements:
17.5 hours

Minimum Unit Size:
Ten employees or greater. (A district may purchase through its SU)

Who Pays for Coverage:
The program is non-contributory for employees.

Participation Level:
100% of eligible employees required.

Elimination Period:
90 continuous days of disability (calendar days).

Monthly Benefits:
The two most popular plans include:  Plan A, 60% of monthly income; or Plan B, 66.67% of monthly income (decision made at the district level).  Some districts may choose a different benefit structure.

Maximum Monthly Benefit:
$10,000. Payments may be reduced due to other sources of income.

Mental and Nervous Disorders:
24 month standard. Extended if hospitalized. Unlimited rider available.

Waiver of Premium:
Yes, once benefit begins for duration of covered disability.

Definition of Disability:
2-year "own-occupation," then "any gainful occupation."

Rate Setting:
Groups under 249 will be pooled. Groups of 250 or more will be experience rated

Life Insurance Available:
Yes, if LTD is also purchased.  

Group-Term Life Insurance

  • LTD plans are usually purchased in combination with group-term life insurance. VEHI will also offer life insurance coverage for all districts that purchase the LTD program. Life insurance benefits will be offered in $10,000 increments up to five times an employee's salary or $500,000, whichever is less.
  • Life insurance is portable at the group step rates
  • Offers terminally ill-individuals a group life insurance benefit when they are expected to live less than 12 months
  • Provides in-home financial planning and advice free to survivors

Beyond the Benefit Check... 

  • Rehab and Return to Work Benefit - To assist in returning to work
  • Child Care Assistance - $250 per child per month, if participating in the return to work assistance program
  • Assist America - Travel assistance for employees and their dependents when traveling for business or pleasure 100 miles or more from home
  • Life Balance - Provides covered employees and family members 24-hour access to assistance with home, personal or family issues
  • Social Security Claimant Advocacy -- Provides assistance in obtaining Social Security Benefits
  • Customer Care Center - An impairment-based claims model to allow the right resources to be focused on all long-duration claims