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1. Resources and Tools

   Contact Information
   VEHI Resource Guide   
   Glossary of terms
   Network Comparison
   Urgent Care Centers
   Wellness Rx
   Preferred Brand Drug List
   International travel
   Introduction to 2018 Benefit Guide
   Understanding Preventive Care
   Preventive Care Codes
   Generic Tier 1 and Tier 2 - coming late summer 2017


2. VEHI 2018 Health Plans (updated for VSHRP February 2017)

3. Scenarios Packet

4. FAQ (coming soon)

5. Health Care Spending Accounts

   HSA Implementation Guide
   HRA Implementation Guide
   HEQ and FPA Fee Schedules
   Qualified Medical Expenses- federal lists - IRS213d, IRS502, IRS969
   HSA Eligibility and Contribution Worksheet for EE (coming soon)
   HSA Distribution Worksheet for EE (coming soon)


6. Open Enrollment

   2018 Transition (coming in Spring 2017)
   Employee Action List

   Employee Action List (editable version)

   Find BCBSVT Forms (including Authorization to Release Information (ARI) can be found here


7. Medicare Secondary Payer